SociVideo Jukebox Review – Autopilot Social media and video marketing

By | May 23, 2017

SociVideo Jukebox is best brand new app auto-fills its own for posting and giving up to more than 50x free traffics real engagement that dominate video and social media marketing with non—stop, automatic ‘smart’ posting machine that schedules itself with Just insert a blog video, image, post, once into the software. The software will post it over and over again according to a schedule you set forever on autopilot. 100% FREE AND AUTOMATIC TRAFFIC FOR LIFE.

SociVideo Jukebox allows you to create social media queues that ‘schedule themselves’ smartly to post over and over again on your Facebook or Twitter whenever you like on total autopilot… giving your audience a mix of unique (or curated) articles, videos, images, cinemagraphs, and more that add value without having to press a button. Unlike expensive tools like Hootsuite and Buffer, you no longer need to keep logging in rescheduling your posts over and over individually.

Tired of your quality content and videos being ignored? Need easy, fast, and free traffic that works in 2017? Then, here’s how we’re getting…


Here’s how to get a free traffic strategies guide and win a free copy of SociVideo Jukebox: Just follow these two steps to get a free guide: 6 Steps to Fast Traffic Today AND win a copy of SociVideo Jukebox.

  1. Leave a comment below about how SociVideo Jukebox can help your business on the Facebook comments page (visit here for comment)
  2. Then, press the button and enter your email so we can send you your Traffic Guide & register your email to win a free copy. (5 winners will be chosen right at the start of the launch)

All About SociVideo Jukebox:

  • If the idea of social media marketing turns your stomach — and you’re sick and tired of slaving over ads, content, videos, and the constant struggle for people’s attention…
  • then listen closely, because it finally created a true “set and forget” traffic—getting machine for 2017. One that will automatically pull in targeted leads and sales for your business on total auto-pilot…
  • And help your brand deliver immense value in the process, too, no matter what niche you’re in.
  • Create a new “Jukebox” or category for each type of content you want the app to post on autopilot. You can create a Jukebox for your blog posts… GIFS… cinemographs… images…memes… quotes…or videos, and more.




A few groundbreaking features include:

  1. Post endless content without ever having to reschedule with new ‘Jukebox’ technology. “Jukeboxes” are like playlists for your content. You can have a Jukebox for blog posts, memes, viral videos, and more. Assign a posting schedule for each Jukebox to take full control of your posting. Post memes every Tuesday at 3am, blog posts every Friday at 10am, videos every Monday at 2pm… it’s your call and happens 100% on autopilot!
  2. Create a never—ending schedules that post every minute if you want. Our advanced type of scheduler let’s your content post forever strategically giving your followers a fresh mix of videos, images, memes, etc. all day long. You can even schedule posts to go out every minute of the day if you like! Just load up the content you want inside each Jukebox, assign a posting schedule, then sit back and relax as SociVideo Jukebox totally automates your posting chores!
  3. Schedule and Post Videos Natively to FB Hands-free. SociVideo Jukebox allows you to schedule, store, and post videos 100% natively to FB for more traffic and engagement over and over again on autopilot… allowing you to dominate video marketing more than anyone else can.
  4. Find and Curate Viral, Engaging Content in 1-Click. Don’t have time to even write a single blog post or create a video? No problem. SociVideo Jukebox lets you search for things like niche viral news articles or relevant YouTube videos you can post natively to Facebook
  5. Cherry pick and curate the most popular blog content with built-in RSS feed technology. Add and organize as many RSS feeds as you like… then 1- click schedule or post the content that’s heating up or already proven and meaningful from your RSS libraries to leverage free traffic.
  6. Works for Facebook and Twitter Post native videos, links, articles, images, GIFs, and more to both Facebook AND Twitter.

AMPLIFY YOUR TRAFFIC. What sounds better to you. Posting once a week, watching your content get buried in people’s newsfeeds within a couple of hours or (with the SAME amount of effort) posting twice, three times, or even 20 times a day so your entire audience sees your content bringing you 10, 20, or even 50x more readers, clicks, leads and sales from every single post? With SociVideo Jukebox, you don’t have to slave over Facebook and Twitter anymore… and you don’t have to burn endless bags of cash on ads…. just sit back, relax and let it automatically post content for you, exactly when you tell it to. SCHEDULE AND POST WHEN YOU (AND YOUR COMPETITORS) ARE SLEEPING. Thanks to the revolutionary automatic scheduling and posting you can post content all day and night — when your competitors are sleeping as if you had a full agency working for you.