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By | October 26, 2016

LOCAL KINGPIN is what you need in LOCAL LEADS FAST FOR CLIENTS, BUSINESS, AND REVENUE, YOU NEED how to quickly generate high quality paying leads for yourself and clients, and get access to precise, step by step, video and written training that will let you start implementing these methods – or better yet, let you turn it over to a VA for fast results. It is meticulous training program has complete screen recordings of EVERY step and is updated when changes occur – you won’t be left trying to figure it out on your own! If you’ve seen any of our other training, you know it’s COMPLETE. Ask anyone – they’ll tell you that Semantic Mastery and MasteryPR leaves nothing out! 

Local Kingpin is a 3 module comprehensive training course with over 20 videos. You will learn how to set up local funnels, produce leads cheaply, and more, in order for you to make money by selling leads to clients or using them in your own local business. 

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You Cannot Afford To Ignore Lead Generation
  • Leads Make Money. Period. – It all starts with a lead. From there you can convert them into a paying customer. Or an affiliate sale, or anything else. But if you don’t get the lead – you don’t get the money.
  • Insanely Valuable Skill – Do you know why most business think advertising is a waste? Because they tried it and FAILED. When you learn the skills in Local Kingpin, you’ll be a “lead magician” – able to do what they COULD’T do – make money from Adwords for THEIR business.
  • Puts You Ahead Of Everyone – Times are changing. Ads take up more and more space in search results. Do you want to wait until it’s too late, or master this valuable skill and PROFIT NOW?
  • Gives You The Tools You Need – We show you exactly what you need to do, how to do it, and the tools to accomplish your lead generation needs so that you can make more money and get more clients.
Local Kingpin know that learning new skills, even amazing ones like lead generation on demand that can give you an amazing ROI, can be time consuming and you might have questions. That’s why it is going to deliver update webinars with even more great information so that you can make the most out of your new found lead generation skills after joining Local Kingpin.

Local kingpin step through the process used from Bradley’s PERSONAL lead generation business to create profitable leads for local businesses through expert use of Google AdWords and optimized landing pages. In this no-holds-barred course you’ll be getting over the shoulder instructions on how you can do it yourself – FAST. It’s all there, from A to Z.

What they said about local kingkping system

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Here’s What You Are About To Receive With Your 

Premium Local Kingpin Membership
Module #1: Setup & Local Case Study
  • Detailed – Get started fast with over the shoulder examples and details.
  • Real World – You’ll see exactly how this is done in the real world…not like other courses where they expect you to already know how to implement!
  • Examples – Beginners and Experienced marketers can learn from watching Bradley work through real world issues while setting up his own local lead generation setup.
Module #2: Building Local Funnels For High Conversions
  • Save Time & $$$ – See exactly how to set up landing pages and get access to FREE templates!
  • Destroy The Competition – Find out how you can split test easily to work your way to #1
Module #3: Updates & More
  • Stay Up To Date – Most training is old by the time it launches . Not with us! You’ll be getting even more great content AFTER launch is over!
  • Valuable Insight – Get access to the 2nd case study for even more tips and tricks that you can use in your own lead generation.

Three kinds in local kingpin system:

1) Local Kingpin – Local Kingpin reveals the secret to rank in local search fast in 2016 and beyond.
2) Content Kingpin – Content Kingpin is the ultimate article writing course on how to write articles super fast.
3) Outsource Kingpin – Outsource Kingpin is the ultimate formula to Automate and Systematize your Business
And These Incredible Bonuses!
Bonus #1: Update Webinars – Members Only!
  • Instant – Get access to the webinars when they happen – members only!
  • Important Learning Tool – Get important questions answered from the experts
  • And So Much More… 
Bonus #2: Live Case Study
  • Instant – Get instant access to the webinar recording when you purchase
  • Important Reference Tool – Helpful for uncovering missed opportunities and ninja content methods
  • And So Much More… 
Bonus #3: Local Optin Funnel Template
  • Instant – Get access to the template as soon as you join
  • Important Tool – Learn how to increase conversions by using this time tested template
  • And So Much More… 

Local kingpin want you to see EXACTLY how this process works – and that it REALLY does work! This case study shows how Bradley put together a real local leads business and goes into details on Adwords use and more! Lots of people teach advertising, but the truth is it doesn’t matter if your leads don’t convert! That’s why we’re included landing page templates and design in this powerful course. Not only will you be learning how to set up campaigns correctly via AdWords for low cost lead generation, but you’ll be ahead of others with high conversions from great landing pages. As part of our continuing high quality training local kingpin provide updates as needed to training. Local kingpin will be holding update webinars to let you know about even more information related to lead generation AND doing another LIVE case study! based on a case In Only 14 Days Converting Leads Were Generated Using The Local Kingpin System.

Are you ready for these changes in your business?It’s time to get started. You have 30 days to put to use this powerful training and see just how valuable it is! If you are not completely satisfied just contact our support team and we will refund your money.