Bolt Publisher Review

By | October 29, 2016

Bolt Publisher is a software (a cloud platform) that allows YOU and any regular person to tap into the Instant Articles buzz, start publishing Instant Articles and getting massive free traffic and clicks immediately. 8,340 visitors/day is exactly the amount of free traffic we’re getting consistently from Facebook now using Instant Articles + Bolt Publisher. Bolt Publisher the first ever and only Facebook approved Instant Articles software for getting UNLIMITED free traffic..

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What is In This Brief Video:

  • Put your traffic on steroids by tapping into FB’s LATEST platform.
  • Send your content VIRAL across a network of 1.57 BILLION active monthly users.
  • FORGET paid ads – get hyper-engaged traffic without paying a penny.
  • Grow a massive following, build your brand and DOMINATE any niche you enter.
  • Be up & running in MINUTES with zero experience or tech skills.
  • 1st of its kind, cloud-based software that lets you MONETIZE the mobile web.

Facebook just released a new feature that will flood your websites with UNLIMITED traffic free – it’s called Instant Articles! Instant Articles get more traffic, more engagement and more clicks that FB live video streaming, fan pages, FB ads & viral media sharing combined.

This software is the only Facebook approved Instant Articles software that can start getting you traffic today. I’ve personally recorded a walk-through video on how to get huge free traffic from FB instant articles using Bolt Publisher.

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Instant Articles is biggest social media update ever and with the new FB feature, you can now publish contents (articles) on Facebook and it’s accessed by your readers instantly… no loading time like a standard web article.But the real magic of Instant Articles is on the massive free traffic, huge engagement and high click-through rates it gets, Facebook made it so it will be more viral than all other FB features combined. Facebook has taken over social networking, videos, photos, live video streaming and ad serving, instant messaging (whatsapp & fb messenger)… And now, they aim to take over BLOGGING & Content Publishing. And they’re doing this with Instant Articles, but there’s one big problem…Facebook made it such that only the big players can enjoy the Instant Articles (BuzzFeed, HootSuite, New York Times, Cosmopolitan etc.) which is probably why you’ve not started using the biggest free traffic revolution of this decade. Here it is Bolt Publisher that you can choose:

  1. Bolt Publisher PRO Personal License.
  2. Bolt Publisher Personal – Single Facebook Page License
  3. Bolt Publisher – Outsourcing License
  4. Bolt Publisher – Rebrandable Consultant License
  5. Bolt Publisher Unlimited

Until now…for the first time ever, there’s now a software (a cloud platform) called Bolt Publisher that allows YOU and any regular person to tap into the Instant Articles buzz, start publishing Instant Articles and getting massive free traffic and clicks immediately. Bolt Publisher is not just the first ever app that creates and publishes Instant Articles, it’s also the ONLY ONE approved by Facebook so you’re in perfect hands. Bolt Publisher just went live and you can lock in your access now.